Panaiotis Manikis (Panos)

tel:(00)(30)2381-027312 (call before 8am,or19-20:30pm)

address: Edessa Post Office Box No.6,Edessa,Greece




Raju Titus: Titus natural farm


tel: 07574-280084

address: Titus Natural farm, Hoshangabad




Larry Korn

465 Taylor Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520

Tel: (541) 488-1834






Michiyo Shibuya




*12. via Cai Marini, 4, 61043 Cagli, PS. Tel:340 2497280

Michela, Christian, their 1 year old daughter Gioia, (baby due in November) and Daniele from Milan live in this house in a hamlet between M. Nerone & Catria. They are renovating the house and working the 3 hectares of land and plan to plant a fruit orchard with ancient varieties of fruit trees. They seed using the clay ball method (Fukuoka) in spring and autumn, plant wild varieties for grafting, have a synergic garden and bees (1 hive). They have only recently started the project but are full of energy and enthusiasm and want to share it with others. They make jams, collect wild herbs, paint. Accommodation in tent, children welcome. English and Spanish spoken. They prefer to eat vegetables, cereals and legumes but occasionally eat meat. Contact: Christian Guatieri, Daniele Barra e Michela Casadei.


6. Az. Agricola ‘Millefoglie’ di Miranda Marra, Via Regina Margherita 78, Oria 72024, BR. Tel: 0831 817654  Cell: 338 3584337

9.5 hectare farm (made up of various small pieces of land not far from each other) which has been organic for more than 20 years. There are 650 olives, orange, lemon, almond, fig and pear trees and a small synergic vegetable garden, we also experiment with Fukuoka methods. With some friends we are hoping to set up an eco village and so anyone who would be interested to join us and buy neighbouring land would be especially welcome. Accommodation in room, length of stay by arrangement.  Meals mainly vegetarian and when possible organic. Help needed with the olive harvest, fruit harvests, in the vegetable garden, with small reconstruction jobs and in the house. There is the possibility to visit the nearby mediaeval villages; the Trulli; the sea (30 mins) and there are good connections with Lecce (Baroque Art centre of Lecce) (1 hour). Languages spoken: English  Contact: Miranda Marra.

*Liguria Tel: 347 5343917  E-mail:  website:

This farm is situated at an altitude of 515 m in the area of Chiaveri and near to the sea and the mountains. It is made up of 12 hectaresof of woodland, pasture, vegetables, there are three buildings which are being restored and an ecovillage where staff and visitors stay. Help needed clearing in the woods, maintaining pathways, with distribution and conservation of produce. All cultivation done using principles of permaculture and Fukuoka. We are a group of people from all over Italy and we are happy to accommodate WWOOFers who love nature, communal living andworking in the vegetable garden, fruit orchard, with the animals, gardening and with flower cultivation. As well as working the land we accommodate guests who are interested in a sustainable lifestyle in close contact with Nature. Contact: Teresa Cuzzolin.  



11.*Cibo per la Pace Assoc., loc. Biforco 31, Chiusi della Verna,52010, Arezzo. Tel: 0575 518213 & 3397354351 E-mail:

We live on the outskirts of a small hamlet at an altitude of 700m. near Vallesansta, the area of Saint Frances. We are an Italian/ Irish family with three children 14, 7 and 3 years old. We do not have a farm or agritourism and our aim is to live simply and naturally with and on Mother Earth. With other families we make up the association ‘Food for Peace’. Spirituality, self sufficiency, and help with personal growth locally and globally. Have stalls, exchange work and cooperate with neighbours. Woodland for firewood and chestnuts and 1 hectare of land around the house with vegetable garden, fruit orchard, accommodation in tepee, tent, caravan (trailer) in the summer and in the winter we liberate a room for WWOOFers. No tractor, biodynamic, Fukuoka etc. Long or short stays, English and a little Spanish spoken. Contact: Armando Bertolino..