by Shawn from Ohio, USA

 I have a small garden, for a couple of year I ploughed it. I noticed every year it become more compacted than the year before. So I stopped ploughing it. I noticed even throughout the year my soil is less compacted.

 I use hay or straw, whichever one I can get my hands on. I don’t water my plants, as I don’t have too with 8 -10 inches of straw on the ground. It rains quite a bit in OHIO(USA). I also stopped removing organic waste frommy garden.I chop and Drop! 

Some people say this will increase disease and pest. If you have a disease in your garden. This means that your soil is out of balance. I have not found this to be true. I don’t really consider flies a pest. They aid in the decompositing process. I take my queues from nature. I have never seen a compost pile in nature. Things fall and compost where they lay. Nature is always more productive than what man has created.

 I do not pull my plants once they are finish. I merely just shear them off at ground level. This way I don’t bother my soil and it leaves the roots to decompose and enhance the soil. By using these methods my yield has increased. That’s funny because all of my neighbors were amazed at how much I produce without doing all of the conventional things people do to the soil to prepare for planting.