by Raju from India

Anything which cover land can be used as ground cover crop. Suppose your land is covered by grass ,you can easily grow leguminous crops like Cow pea ,Black gram, Soybean etc. without tilling. But for Wheat or any grass family grain, non grass cover is essential. Cow pea,Black gram,Soy been,Vecth etc. can be used as ground cover crop seasonal.

But we need permanent self seeding and growing variety as white clover and Subabul which will cover land through out the year and will not allow any weed to give problem.

I want to share one story, one of my friend was very much worried about strong local weed known as” Gajar grass”.He was unable to take any crop because of this weed.He asked me to do some thing. We explain him about natural way of farming, he agreed for experimentation. We simply scattered Soy been in the cover of Gajar grass in rainy season and ask them to cut
back Gajar grass after the germination of Soy been. He did accordingly, and harvested better crop than nearby farmers of village.

But next year he came back on modern scientific agriculture, with the thought that if we can take good crop without doing any thing , we will get more and more by doing more.This is the one of the reason for non adopting Natural way of farming.