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by Robin from Virginia, USA

For those of us who feel a need to “take care of what I already have” before buying additional plants and seeds i notice that there are quite a few wild “scrub trees” like black locust, wild cherry, persimmon, black walnut and several others whose names allude me right now, coming up on my grounds, in places where i’ve stopped mowing. (sorry, i don’t know the scientific names either, but pretty much any tree like this will work); they seem to appear around tall weeds. when i come across one of these seedlings, i try to favor it. Read the rest of this entry »


by Raju from India

Anything which cover land can be used as ground cover crop. Suppose your land is covered by grass ,you can easily grow leguminous crops like Cow pea ,Black gram, Soybean etc. without tilling. But for Wheat or any grass family grain, non grass cover is essential. Cow pea,Black gram,Soy been,Vecth etc. can be used as ground cover crop seasonal. Read the rest of this entry »

You Are Therefore I Am–A Declaration On Dependence   -p.169

” The Sage of India have for millennia lived in the forests. They cultivated no gardens, hunted no animals, and lived on wild fruits of the forest while meditating on the nature, learning from nature and teaching their students about the mystery on nature.” said Vandana Shiva.




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