by Raju from India

When we were in third year of natural way of farming Fukuoka visited our farm and advised do not cut leguminous trees for mulch because it provide nitrogen by roots and keep land moist, need not to give extra water to crops. Than we stopped cutting small seedlings, they become huge trees in few years .It was very difficult to farming because of shade of the trees. Fruit trees also stopped giving fruits due to poor sunlight. It was easy for any body to cut trees and send wood in market for money. But there is a law in natural way of farming is that every thing such as fruits, grains, vegetables, milk. egg etc, can be sold but not organic material it is necessary to return all the organics to the soil. Due to this law it was difficult to decide next step. Than I carefully read what Fukuoka written in his book about burying logs.

First we cut few trees and buried them in our fruit garden around shallow water well. This well was dried in every summer but stopped drying by this work. Fruit trees also started giving fruits. Size, taste and flavor of fruits increased. We found all rainwater which was going out of the garden is not going out is fully absorbed by the Trenches. In next field we were using all straws, leafy and fine organic material as mulch, but logs remain on top not allow crop to come up, generally washed by flood water or burned by accident, after burying logs were no problem.