by Raju from India

More than 20 yrs ago I was also in your position wanted self-sufficiency through land. First I tried modern scientific way of agricultuer, my land become desert and am bankrupt. Than I read One Straw Revolution written by Masnobu Fukuoka a natural farmer of Japan.

I started natural way of farming. In the start I was not knowing what to do I just started taking care of what naturally coming in and stopped all human interventions such as tilling, using any fertilizer ,grazing etc, with in a year my farm was looking nice green jungle, than I started scattering mixture of all kind of seeds in natural ground cover. Some germinated some destroyed.

I got guidance from my Jungle and planted some fruit trees with wild and semy wild trees which comming naturally.

We eat rice , wheat,dal(beans) and vegitables , started growing naturally. In the beginning my field was full of strong crab grass, to compete this I started seeding acacia (Australian). This is very good leguminous self-seeding and germinating plant. You might be knowing.

This is very useful for fodder, fuel, furneture, and fertelizer.wind break and also as ground cover crop.It covers all area very fast.

All grass varieties such as wheat and rice needs lot of nitrogen, deep rooted acacia full fill this need. We scatter seeds of grain in the ground cover of acacia seedlings and after germination cut back seedlings to allow main crop. These seedlings remain dormant under the shade of grain crop, after harvesting they cover again.

This method is common for all kinds of seeds, but we can also grow by dibbling, by pallets, in lines or by seedlings.

In natural way of farming there is no any earth is required.