by Raju in India

Take good quality nicely cleaned, powdered clay soil. Clay is generally used in making earthen pots. This is rich in humus (Mixture of nitrogen fixing bacteria, eggs of earthworms and seeds of so many biodiversity. This alone having capacity to convert desert in to green.)

Mix seed mixture in powdered clay. Check by making one seed ball by hand for quantity of seed per ball it should be near to one. Pour water by sprinkling and need nicely. Keep proper consistency it should be like our lower portion of ear press and feel and keep consistency accordingly.

Take one inch mesh wire net generally used in sieving stones for making concrete mixture. Pass needed mixture through net to make clods in large quantity. Roll all clods by both hands. Dry balls in shade.

There is no need to mix any thing in clay. Clay is providing fertility and protection to seed from birds, mice, insects etc. For mice problem it is better to keep ground cover on land by scattering locally available strong weeds seeds. In green, natural enemies of mice will come and control.